Friday, June 17, 2011

Odds and Ends

You know how, when you are cleaning or moving things around, one thing leads to another and, before you know it, you've redecorated every room in the house? Well, that's what has been going on in my house this summer!

First we contracted to have the "Florida" room at the back of the house remodeled into a "media" room. At the end of that fiasco, we emerged with a beautiful new "Sun" room. Although we are still waiting on something to be done with the glass doors leading into the room, I've been busy getting the furnishings and wall decor where I want it, sometimes moving things around two or three times to find just the right look.

When the decals came in for the glass treatments, I took the plunge and put the large one on the outside door. After a few minor adjustments, I pronounced it "perfect" and waited impatiently for Graham to come home to admire it. It has given that door so much character and really emphasizes the garden look of the room. We are pleased and can't wait to put similar treatment on the glass in the french doors once they are replaced.

Even though we are having record heat, Savannah continues to prefer the great outdoors to her cool and comfy house. So I try to let her out for brief intervals often, watching to be sure she doesn't jump into the pool. When I check on her I usually find her sitting in the sun, daring a squirrel or a bird to come her way.

Lately she has caught sight of the little chameleon/lizards that hang out around the front porch. She gets totally obsessed with them and glues herself to the window until the little lizard finally slinks away. Such is life for the Westie these days!

Back to my original thought, prior to the remodel we moved most of the furniture into the living room. Then, a week ago, we had new beds delivered and the old beds moved from one room to another. That led to the removal of some bedroom furniture - some to the garage, other pieces to the upstairs rooms. That led to the realization that the high ceilinged walls in the den hadn't been dusted in twenty-five years, so we removed all the pictures from the walls and oiled the paneling. That led to moving pictures around, which led to my moving the computer around ~ don't ask why ~ and now we are unable to move without loud grunts and groans! I hope it's another twenty-five years before we get into this kind of mood again! Thank goodness for new, posture-pedic mattresses!

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