Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!

This South Texas heat has done nothing to stop the procreation of lizards this spring. We have an abundance of the little green critters and they have made their presence known to the Westie of the house! Savannah has turned all her attention and energy toward the little fellas who cling to the tree bark or the brick on the front porch. Once she has one in her sight, nothing will distract her from her quest.

Just this afternoon she was sitting at the front window and her eye caught one fat lizard crawling on the brick around the window. I did everything I could to distract her - to no avail - so I brought out the camera to try to capture her rapture!

 There's a lot of intensity that may not be caught by the camera. She is totally ignoring any attempt on my part to draw her attention from the window!

I moved around to a closer side and still, no response to my calling.

As I backed up a little, I noticed that my girl is straddling the arm of the couch! Either she can get a better angle that way, or she's very confident that she won't slip off the edge!

From this vantage point, it appears she has a very comfortable grip on the couch and is in no danger of slipping off the arm. What intensity! What concentration!

Finally, I resorted to a squeak of her favorite squeaky ball. Can you say "annoyed?" If Westies could speak (which this one does frequently!), what would she be saying about now? Even the admittance of friends through the front door was only a short and temporary retreat from her appointed task. Only the disappearance of said lizard brought this little dog away from her perch.  Lord help me if she ever gets close enough to catch one!

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