Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving In!

We are finally at the point where we can start moving back into our newly remodeled TV room. The agreed upon repairs were done on Friday, new glass was ordered for the doors, and some material for Graham to finish the window was left with us. Out came the window and wood cleaner, as well as the Wet Jet Floor Mop for the tile, and we were in the cleaning business!

Murphy came over today and helped me put the Oriental rugs down, move the sofa and chairs in, and prepared the wiring for the armoire and TV. We turned on the AC and the ceiling fan and sat down to enjoy our new room. Next week the installer from Lowe's will come and put up the window shades and then I can hang the sheers to soften the windows. 

Right now this room reminds me of my Aunt Helen's sun room in Monroe. She had a sweet little room off the master bedroom that faced the front lawn and the Bayou. It had white wicker furniture and bright floral cushions and rugs. It just looked like a southern ladies' room. Until I get the window shades up and the TV in, I'm going to think about Aunt Helen's sun room!

And, being the indecisive person that I am, this furniture arrangement is likely to change multiple times until I get my "feng shui" just right! I have lots of creative family and friends who will help me find just the right formula!

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