Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving Day

Today was moving day for Meredith and her family. They bought a house closer to us and we offered to keep the boys during the long day of packing the moving van and unloading at the new house. Here are some highlights from our very long day!

Andrew is checking out the Thomas the Train play tent.

A little hand is offering a squeaky ball to Savannah.

The rest of the hand came out of the tent to play with Savannah.

I think they are watching Thomas the Train video games.

Savannah had some competition for her squeaky football!

Let's see if this tent is big enough for two boys!

Yep! There's just enough room for two, and maybe a small, white dog.

Oh no, Papa and the tickle bug are doing a job on Andrew!

Look at Adrian - just the right size for playing in the tent.

Savannah doesn't want to miss out on any fun. She likes tickling too.

Okay guys, I know you're in there. Come on out and play some more.

Looks like these boys wore themselves out - finally getting in a nap.

Andrew too, though it took a short ride in the car to get him to sleep. He really missed his Mommy.

These two boys, their grandparents, and a little white dog had a very long day while Mommy and Daddy helped the movers take all their belongings from one house to another. They'll wake up tomorrow morning to a wonderful new backyard for a summer of outdoor boy fun.

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