Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

We had a little "canine identity crisis" today. Thus far Treasure has been very accepting of Adrian, ignoring him when he cries, glancing over him at playtime, even seeming okay when I sit in a chair holding him. But today she was feeling very insecure and couldn't quite leave me alone as I held the baby. She was very persistent, maintaining her objection long enough for Murphy to snap a pic from his phone.

I think part of the reason for her insecurity has been the increased frequency of our choir rehearsals. We are away from the house 3 - 4 hours at a stretch, several days (or nights) a week. I remember watching the AKC dog show one year after we acquired Maggie and the announcer introduced the Westie by saying that Westies "will not be ignored." That has certainly proved true for both of my Westies. So Treasure will be as happy as we to have the Christmas pageant over and done with next Sunday!

I'll try not to stay away too long. But everything I'm working on right now will be Christmas presents and I don't want to give away a surprise by posting a photo on my blog!

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