Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Better Sitting

I decided to try another go at getting a Christmas picture of Treasure. So the other day I persuaded her to settle in under the Christmas tree, next to the pretty red packages, and then "smile" for a picture! Not so fast! And not so easy. At first she was all Terrier and not in the mood to comply.

So I tried another angle - literally. If she won't move toward me, then I'll just scoot over in front of her and photograph her sweet little face! Not! Her body language is saying "I'm just not interested in your ole Christmas picture!"

Okay. Honesty is not working here. So I'm forced to come up with a little white lie. There are two things in this life that Treasure will not pass up - going outside "walking" and going for a "ride in the car" - and she knows both of those phrases very well! So-o-o-o, I lied a little and told her we'd go ride in the car and then, SNAP!, we get a good Christmas picture!

So Merry Christmas to one and all!

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