Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Picture

Here's my "Christmas Baby". I don't know why it's so hard to get this darling Westie to "smile" for her picture! I know other Westies in my Ebay community who have the same "photophobia". Must come with the breed.

Because of the Christmas pageant at church and the energy spent preparing for it, I am decorating minimally this year - just enough that Adrian will have some sparkly lights to enjoy.

Speaking of pageant, the big show is this weekend. Graham and I participated in Malcolm Grainger's extravaganza pageants at Castle Hills Baptist all throughout the 1980's. We were younger then, had a little more stamina, and got caught up in the excitement of the pageantry and costumes and "big music". Thankfully, both Malcolm and we are older now, a little less stamina, gait a little slower, and enjoying the pageantry on a much smaller scale at Village Parkway Baptist.

Pray for us! These next five days will be very intense, but Sunday's coming!

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