Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Quieter House

This week has been bittersweet for me. My house is in disarray! My emotions within are fighting - jubilant! exhausted! eager! hesitant! urgent! patient! This is all due to Murphy's move to an apartment. How can people (myself included) collect so much stuff? The more I discard of his, the more I find of mine, or Graham's, or even Meredith's! Part of me wants to clear it all out - now. And part of me says "Leave it for the children when I die! It's their stuff!"

The one individual who is most bewildered by all this commotion is Treasure. Yesterday Murphy took his couch from the TV room where it's been as long as Treasure has lived here. I had placed all the pillows and throws on the coffee table for the time being. And she wandered in, looked around, then walked all around the coffee table, obviously looking for her couch. She saw the pillows up on the table and tried very hard to jump up there! I finally had to put a pillow and throw on the floor for her, just to ease her angst.

Meredith and Adrian came by after she and Murphy took Graham to lunch for his birthday, and we had a sweet, quiet moment between brother and sister.

Here is Adrian getting to know his uncle, and Treasure is keeping a nonchalant watch from her perch on the couch. Not to be outdone, she agrees to pose with her favorite "brother".

This "togetherness" got me to thinking about my own brother and our relationship. We have not always had the best communication - he was 3 1/2 years older and our interests were worlds apart. It wasn't until our Mother fell and broke her hip that Bill and I began to talk to one another, and better, to listen to one another. We each discovered a person that we liked and had very much in common with! Surprise, surprise! I just hope Murphy and Meredith don't wait twenty more years to discover what really neat individuals they each are.

I can't leave with posting one last adorable picture of Meredith and my favorite grandson.

And the house? Yes, it's in total disarray! I have an opportunity to do a lot of rearranging of rooms and that will entail some professional help - painting, carpeting, and maybe some major renovation in the TV room. As long as I can keep one little corner for my computer, and get the rest of the rooms straightened up a bit, I can wait. But not too long! Please!


the mozas said...

so cute!!! Will you please email me those 2 pictures?

Barbaranne said...

So, my son moved out before yours? How weird is that???

I agree, it's not easy, and there was lots of accumulation! Less is more!