Sunday, January 20, 2008

Settling into the new year

We have spent many man hours moving furniture all around the house, getting things the way we want them. I can't remember when we had so little furniture to place - it sure makes the house feel bigger! It seems that ever since the kids went to college, had their apartments and furniture, then moved back in, then back out, then overseas, then back, then to school again, and back, well, I've had kind of an identity crisis. I began to forget what was mine and what was theirs! So it's really nice to enjoy what is left after the last of Murphy's stuff was moved. I now have a nice computer/sewing room upstairs, and Treasure and I have a lovely guest room with a TV where we can escape for a nap.

Adrian has his first cold. He is five months old and very healthy except for the congestion. But he remains cheerful and inquisitive in spite of everything. He was here tonight with his Mommy and Daddy and slept through one half of a football game! After his nap he got to play with his Daddy, while Treasure sat on the sidelines, hoping somebody would play with her too.

So by the end of the evening, the children have gone back home and the Giants will be playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl! Life goes on....

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Barbaranne said...

Thus far we have acquired a mini fridge, ironing board and coffee maker and lost several movie dvd's as a result of Nathaniel's comings and goings. Kate left a roomful of stuff that Bekah packed away for four months, and she is now working on another accumulation of sheer mess as she prepares to leave again,... not sure when... Whew!