Monday, February 11, 2008

Adrian and "the Guys"

Meredith has discovered a secret "Nanny" living in my house and his name is Grandpa!

When they come over, she puts Adrian on Grandpa's bed with some toys and he and Grandpa play together, sometimes for up to thirty minutes! And guess who loves every minute of it! I kind of understand because when our children were babies, he was always at work during their playtime. So now he can fully enjoy all the discoveries and "firsts" that he missed before.

The question here is, "Is he teaching him to count or to pray?" Meredith mentioned this in her blog, how Adrian will clasp his little fingers together so tightly that she has to pull them apart! I believe he has the mind of an engineer! It's as though he's trying to figure out how everything works!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and here are the Guys all watching the game. Grandpa was warned not to yell too loudly and scar Adrian's football experience for life! I must say he (Grandpa, that is) behaved pretty well, considering some of the exciting plays from both teams. Since the Cowboys weren't in play, we were all rooting for both sides, so in the end, WE WON!

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