Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

This was the best Christmas ever, for many reasons. Of course, there is Adrian, our precious first grandchild. Being four months old, he isn't terribly interested in all the hoopla of Christmas, so this year I finally persuaded everyone to leave out the hoopla! "Less is more", I've been saying for years. I think now Graham and I are at the age where we really don't need a lot of "things". It's taken forty years, but we are finally able to accept fewer gifts under the tree. And for the first time in forty years I listened to him and bought him socks for Christmas!

These are the blocks I made for Adrian - a total surprise for Meredith! I don't know when I've been able to keep a secret so well!

I also did his middle name, Florin, but didn't get a picture of the complete set. They are fun to make and would be a great baby gift.

Look at this happy mom! Adrian is the best gift Meredith has ever received, and now she is more interested in what to give him for Christmas! "And the gift goes on and on and on..." This is what my mother's heart has longed for. I have encouraged Meredith and Cristian to start their own family Christmas traditions this year. So we backed off a bit and gave them the space to create new traditions, new memories...

Last night we went to their house for tamales and dips and to share our gifts with them. And today, they came to our house for Christmas dinner, complete with Mimmie's Oyster Dressing! That's one tradition she will carry over for sure!

2007 will go down as a very good year for Murphy. He has put new meaning into the phrase "Wait on the Lord!" All his waiting paid off in January when he acquired a very good job with an excellent company. He is bright and charming and has become an asset in his department, earning praise from his superviors. His school loans are nearly paid off, enough that he will be moving into his own place by the end of the year!

The downside to his good news is that Treasure is suspecting some traumatic occurence and is acting very strangely. We found her sitting in Murphy's bathtub this afternoon, and then she will hide under a chair or table. She follows me closely, making sure I don't leave, I guess. She is very attached to Murphy, so we have extracted his promise to come see her at lunch once a week! His office is very close by, so he graciously agreed.

We did something before dinner today that I hope will become another cherished tradition in our extended family. Graham and Cristian read in tandem from their respective Bibles the Christmas story in Luke, Graham reading in English, Cristian reading in Romanian. Not only does this reinforce the two cultures in our families, it also reinforces the fact that Christ came into this world for all people. With all the turmoil, hatred, and violence around us, it is more and more obvious that only Jesus can affect our hearts and bring peace. And He will do that some day. My prayer is that more may know Him.

Well, Merry Christmas to one and all. May your homes be filled with warmth and love.

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mozardth said...

Yes, it was a HUGE surprise and a fabulous one!!! Those blocks are the most adorable gift I have ever seen...so cute! They are sitting on his shelf until I buy special shelves to display them on...until Adrian can play with them...thanks Ludee for a very merry Christmas:)