Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving day

Meredith's lovely table - check out Adrian's "dinner" at the head of the table!

Adrian gets to enjoy his dinner at the table with the rest of us!

Today is Thanksgiving and, my goodness, do we have much to be thankful for. Where do I begin? Well, let's start with my heart and move outward. And that would be our precious, healthy, beautiful grandson, Adrian! He is just over three months old on this Thanksgiving. You will see in the pictures how much he has grown in just ten days!

My neice Barbaranne called me this morning as she was preparing Mimmie's Oyster Dressing for her Thanksgiving dinner. I said to her that her house must be quieter with only three of their five children home. And, guess what! Nathaniel and Kate were both right there in the kitchen with her! Another praise that her two oldest children were safely home from overseas.

We were planning to go to the coast on Sunday with Bill. But he came down with a bad cold and Texas is coming down with a bad cold front! So I'm thankful that we were able to cancel our reservations and stay in the warmth of our homes instead. We will have another chance to go.

So here are some pictures from Adrian's first Thanksgiving. Looks like Grandpa got first dibs on holding him! Even Murphy and Treasure joined in the activities of eating and napping.

We're wishing you all a Happy thanksgiving. Stay ever mindful that all our blessings come from God above.

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Barbaranne said...

I'm thrilled to announce that, once again, your Oyster dressing was marvelous! I'm convinced that part of the secret is to be on the phone with you while I'm making it. What a treat to get to spend time with you on Thanksgiving morning. We also called Dad and our Aunt Gina. It's as if we are re-discovering family for the holidays. I'm so glad to add this to our traditions, yet sad that it took so long!