Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Play Time

Adrian was in the mood to play the other night and I quickly switched my camera over to video to catch some of his precious interaction with his playful puppy toy. I wish this had been the camera with sound because he was talking away to the puppy! So cute!

Meredith reminded me that this blog is also about quilts, so I'm announcing that I'm making headway with Bill's quilt! This is one of those projects that gets ten minutes here, twenty minutes there and hopefully we'll come to the end of it soon! I am still not very happy with the new sewing machine. I think I'll take my old one to be cleaned and repaired. I have enough small projects I want to work on and I think the new machine will be okay for those.

Life is full as November moves into December. My Bible study will take a break after this week so that all the Christmas activities won't get in the way of study time. And then there's the Christmas pageant! We've been having extra rehearsals all month. Before you know it Dress Rehearsal is upon us, then the pageant, and Christmas is over! Well, not exactly, but it sure feels that way. Of course, this year will be special because of one very special little boy. One other special little boy, I should say. We should never forget that Jesus is the reason for Christmas.

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