Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Happy Tuesday Night

Our little Adrian was in a very good mood Tuesday night. I think he knew we were going out to the Cracker Barrel after supper!

In an effort to knit together my two favorite subjects, I'm introducing Adrian to Westies! In addition to my two live specimens I have plush Westies from all over the world. In just about every country we have visited I have purchased at least one Westie. (Imagine the fun I had in Great Britain!) Hallmark and Ebay are two great sources of indulgence.

Anyway, Adrian will have ample opportunity to develop a love for westies when he visits his Ludee. Here he is, getting a great start!

While we had him in a happy frame of mind, Meredith caught him interacting with the toys in the Pack 'n Play. When Adrian's happy, everybody's happy!

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the mozas said...

I love my happy pooky bear! Please send me all those pictures, Ludee! What a sweet little boy!