Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Do "Crafts!"

Grandson Adrian is in his second year of Kid's Day Out this fall, and he loves to do "crafts." Being a very bright little boy, he needs something to keep his hands and mind busy or he'll get into all kinds of mischief. When he comes to my house to play, he either wants to watch Thomas on DVD or do crafts at the kitchen table. So while I was at Target looking through the "Dollar Spot," I came across some color books that feature "dot-to-dot" activities. Perfect!!

Adrian has his own technique for conquering the puzzle. With crayon in hand he first studies the picture to try to determine the outcome.

Now that he knows where to begin and end, he gets a little lip action going. That helps with the concentration, you know!

Some may see this as just "playtime" but, as you can tell, to Adrian this is serious business. He has 15 to 25 dots to connect here and it's important to get them all in correct order. See that concentration?

Success! Can you guess what the puzzle turned out to be? Here's a hint: "Who" is it? Why, it's an OWL, of course! And what does the owl say? "Whoo! Whoo!"

We love our crafts!

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Meredith said...

what fun to have such a smart grandma to 'play' with!!! reminds me of my grandmother and how she always taught me something when we 'played'!!!