Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fabric Frenzy

I must be in one of my quilting moods, because every time I finish one quilt top, I see a pile of fabric begging me to do another one! And I have discovered a storehouse of video tutorials from one of my most favorite quilt teachers, Eleanor Burns. She has a whole video theater on her website. As I was looking through the titles the other evening, this one caught my eye: "Fabric Frenzy"!!!

Eleanor has jumped on the pre-cut bandwagon and she offers lots of opportunities to use them. I happened to have one extra package of Prayer Flag charms, and lots of leftovers from the last quilt. So I jumped right into her class and studied her instructions till I felt that I could follow them. I can't show you what the finished quilt will look like yet, but all these pieces of fabric sewn together properly will make these nice ten inch squares that will eventually be pieced together to make a virtual frenzy of 42 different fabrics! And it's so much fun!

Each ten inch square will be loaded with different patterns and colors and sizes. Because the fabric is all from the same line, all the colors complement each other and the frenzy will at least be manageable and easy to look at! Here are three finished squares. I hope to make twenty of them.

Today was Savannah's "Spa Day" at Pet, Bath & Beyond. I really love that place! The groomers at PetSmart were unable to groom her properly due to her "jumpiness," but she has encountered no problems at all at PB&B. Her first haircut there was done really nicely. Today she only needed a bath and a few areas trimmed. I forgot to mention to the lady who took her in that she really doesn't care for bows in her hair. So she came out looking like a sweet little girl! I begged her to let me photograph the bows before they were removed! I'm afraid the lizards and squirrels would laugh if they saw her running toward them with pink bows on her ears! Sans bows, she is a very pretty girl!

Here is the link to Eleanor Burns' video theater. And another link to Pet, Bath & Beyond.

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