Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Pics

Savannah had another "dip" in the pool on Saturday, trying her best to capture Mr. Polaris! So we decided that would be a good time for a bath. She was already wet, and her feet were mighty dirty! So off to the sink we went. She does pretty well, except for having her head and face washed. We'll have to work on that another time.

She really enjoys chewing on this blue squeaky ball. It's great fun to throw it and have her bring it back. She is learning to leave it at our feet so that we can throw it again... and again! Now here's a pretty portrait! I found some cute scrap material in my quilting closet that makes a nice {but temporary!} bandanna. Savannah is turning into a very pretty Westie girl. As her fur grows out, she is getting her Westie profile back. I think she is as happy to be here as we are to have her.

Smile, Savannah!

I am discovering that she knows some basic commands. Quite by accident I found that when I say "come here!" she will immediately sit in a "down" position. She will sit on command and sometimes will stay when told to. I want to look into PetsMart's training schedule and see if we can get some lessons on walking together. Her attention span is pretty short when we're out and about.

So that was our Saturday. It's now Sunday afternoon, post nap time and just about time to run around that pool again!

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Barbaranne said...

Auntie Dear I love the quilts at the top of your re-designed blog! Savannah has found the perfect home with you and it's delightful to read about her settling in with you!