Friday, October 23, 2009

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

After the rain left and the cold front passed through, the day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. The sun was just warm enough that we left our sweaters in the car as we wandered through the pumpkin patch at the Methodist Church. And Adrian loved every minute of it!

There are more pumpkins here than he could imagine.

Just have to touch it a little before getting comfortable around it.

Are all these pumpkins just for me?

Here's one that's just the right size to pick up and... throw!

This is almost too good to be true!
I love the idea of the pumpkin patch. In recent years several churches in the city bring them in by the truckload, primarily to sell, which certainly helps the church. What is so special, though, is their willingness to let parents and grandparents bring their babies and young children in for wonderful Fall pictures. Thank you, Methodist Church!

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