Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Good Treasure Report

Today was Treasure's scheduled cancer checkup. She has seen Dr. Earl so many times in the last month to have her eyes checked, we almost forgot about the cancer. And she has been so otherwise healthy that it's been easy to forget about the cancer.

So today we had two pieces of good news. Her eyes are just about completely healed. The ulcer that has given us so much grief is nearly gone. We just need to finish out the little bottle of steroid drops and then only use artificial tears in both eyes as needed.

After that good news, Dr. Earl took her back for her ultrasound. I love it when the technician brings her back to me. No matter who brings her in, they always comment on her sweet nature and what a good dog she is while getting her exam! I wish I could take credit for that good behavior, but I've said hundreds of times that whoever raised her before I got her did a remarkable job. She really is the best dog I've ever been around.

But back to the ultrasound... Dr. Earl, who has the biggest, most infectious smile, came back and gave me one of those smiles as he told me that this tumor, called "transitional cell carcinoma" (if you want to google that), has continued to form an "envelope" around itself, thus preventing any "tentacles" from blocking the opening of the bladder. This is not typical of TCC. And he has no explanation for it, except that prayer and good medicine are working together in this little dog. He archives the ultrasound images and went back through them today - incidentally, we have been seeing him for a year now - and he's just amazed (and pleased) at what he found. And I'm so grateful for a dear friend who prodded me out of my misery and into Dr. Earl's office.

After all that good news, what should a doggie do when she gets home? That's a "no-brainer! We went straight upstairs so she could take a nap at my feet. I have an internet friend who signs her blogposts with this phrase: "My little dog... a heartbeat at my feet." So, so true.

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