Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Choir Night Means Soup for Supper

Choir nights are usually difficult dinner nights. We don't want to eat anything that will fill, bloat, bubble or otherwise annoy the person we're sitting next to! So I try to find some neutral food that will just take the hunger edge off and hold us till after choir. Now that Autumn is here, I'll be making more Wednesday night soups. Here is what I did tonight.

I love learning things from our young generation. This "chicken base" was a request from Kate when she made her delicious Tomato soup. I had never heard of it, but after tonight, it's going to remain in my refrigerator indefinitely! This base makes a very rich broth for a soup starter.

This is something I found at HEB some time ago that I use to coax Treasure to eat when she's on one of her "fasting" days. On other days, she just enjoys a few chunks of this chicken in her food. I used one cup - which is about 1/2 cup - of grilled chicken pieces.

This is Mexican rice from Alamo Cafe. I never know what to do with leftovers from Alamo Cafe. Sometimes Graham will cook the refried beans in a breakfast taco, but usually the rice gets thrown out after a few days. This is about a cup of seasoned rice. As the soup cooked, the seasonings from the rice were incorporated into the broth. I didn't add any other spices.

This lovely okra came from Meredith's garden. After the hundred degree heat hit, the okra was about the only thing left standing! I figured it was time to do something with it, so I chopped it up and threw it into the pot!

Also in the pot is a handful of fresh parsley and about a half cup of frozen corn. I let this boil, then simmer on the stove for about a half hour.

Here we have a delicious bowl of soup and some Asiago cheese toast for our pre-choir supper. Now we just need to find our notes and warm up the old pipes! And we're off to choir!


the Provident Woman said...

That looks great!

Kate Kelly said...

Yay! I am so glad you like the chicken base! =) looks souper yummy!