Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Took the Slow Boat from Britain

Way back in July, when Meredith was planning the decor for the boys' room, she found this adorable cross stitch birth announcement online and requested it for Andrew. Of all the little boy themes available, this one was the best and most suitable for their room. So I clicked and ordered and settled in to wait the usual 5 - 8 days for it to come in the mail.

After three weeks, I emailed the company about the delay and they wrote back that this particular item took 3 - 5 weeks and I should just be patient. So, that's when I started working on the "fruit of the Spirit" piece that is now about 3/4 finished. One thing that stitching does for you is teach patience! So I patiently stitched away between trips to the mailbox.

When six weeks had passed with no sign of my chart, I emailed the company again, this time whining about wanting to have the announcement finished for my grandson who was now due in a month. **whine, whine** So they emailed me back saying this chart had been ordered from a company in England and they were so sorry that it was taking so long to get here. They would be happy to cancel my order, etc., etc., etc. (Or as kids today say, "Blah, blah, blah!") I didn't even answer that one.

Monday was a post office holiday - Columbus Day - so when Tuesday's mail came, we had double the amount and, sandwiched in with some catalogs was my long-awaited chart! Here is the cover picture, and I now have the cloth and threads to get started. I think it will be fun as it has lots of little parts to stitch so not much boredom is involved!

The colors are nice "boy" colors but all are a little muted. That's going to go really well in their room. Meredith has stayed away from bright primary colors and soft pastels. So this is a good middle ground. Stay tuned for some updates as I get started.
Let me see. One of the characteristics of the Spirit, I believe, is patience. Bring it on!

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