Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Minute Purchases

After a week of sightseeing and shopping, Kate had just one last request: to go back to the Mexican Market for some purchases she couldn't find anywhere else. So Meredith and Adrian picked us up Saturday morning and we went back downtown for another look at the goodies, with the promise of a stop at Mi Tierra for some more pastries for Cristian.

Mi Tierra has been around for a long time. I can remember when we first moved here hearing about Mi Tierra and its reputation for good Tex-Mex food. It is close to Santa Rosa Hospital and Graham's Dad stopped by there often.

It has become pretty well known for it's "Christmas year round" decorating motif! The ceilings are donned with pinatas and colorful strings of lights. There is always music from the Mariachi bands that stroll through the dining rooms. It's just a festive place.

But Mi Tierra is not known ONLY for the Tex Mex food. No, no. Mi Tierra is even better known for its huge array of Mexican pastries and candies! It is so popular that you have to grab a number and wait in the foyer for your turn at the pastry bar. Waiting can be such a bore!

Kate has her number and is now looking over all the goods. I think she knew what she was looking for. Has to be something that will travel with her on the airplane. Oh my, I hope there's not a sugar-sniffing dog in the airport in Chicago!

Oh, goodness. There are cakes and cookies, pies and empanadas, breads and sweet rolls, pecan candy, coconut candy, pumpkin candy, peanut candy, churros (plain, cream filled, fruity), cheese danish, bear's claws, rows and rows of cookies. I just had to keep my distance and keep shooting pictures. No number for me. No getting in line to buy those yummies. Huh uhhhh.

Finally, Kate's number is called! She knew exactly what she wanted and the lady was happy to fill her sack! Oh boy! Now she just has to utilize her newly found Texas determination to stay away from the sack and bring home some goodies to share! I think she can do it!

These two fellows think she can too. They were delighted to know that she came all the way from Pennsylvania to Texas and that she really loves San Antonio! What Ambassadors of fun and good will!

We had to leave Meredith and Adrian at her house to show her old appliances to someone, so Graham picked us up and took us to Henry's Puffy Taco, a promise I had made to Kate last week. It was necessary that she catch the "Puffy Addiction" to insure her return to Texas.
Oh yes. These really are the best puffy tacos in town! Mmmm. Guacamole in one and shredded chicken in the other. Good choice, Kate! We'll send you home on Monday with enough stuff to talk about for weeks to come. Memories.... happy memories.

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the mozas said...

YUM!!!! mi Tierra and Henry's all in one day!!!! and wow can you see Andrew poking out in that picture of me....I wonder if he's going to be bigger than Adrian!