Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honorary Texan

Our Ladies' Bible study met today and quickly turned the morning into a special event for Kate. Lois and Jo "conspired" to bring all things Texas to the table and honored Kate by making her an "Honorary Texan." Thanks to Lois, she now has her own official name tag, a Certificate of Honorary Citizenship, and a lovely yellow rose to commemorate her new status.

In keeping with the totally Texas theme, Jo delighted us all with our own individual Texas shaped Texas Sheet cakes for dessert. They were served in Texas shaped plates and surrounded by red and blue Texas bandannas. And, of course, Texas flags were featured right next to the Texas shaped candle! It was a real Lone Star occasion!

My heartfelt thanks are sent to Lois and Jo for making this such a special day for us.

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Lois said...

You are most welcome... the pleasure was ours. I am totally taken with Kate from Pennsylvania and her delightful smile. Thanks for blessing us, Kate. Thursday's event was a joy and the bible study was excellent.