Friday, September 25, 2009

Institute of Texan Cultures and Tower of the Americas

We finally made it the Institute! Today was a beautiful day, starting out cool and overcast, but quickly warming up as the sun broke through. Graham joined Kate and me for our museum visit. I think this is the first time I've been inside the Institute and it is very impressive indeed. We spoke with two of the docents there, both very friendly and knowledgeable. They were delighted to have our PA visitor, and more delighted for a couple of locals in their midst!

You will see from the pictures that many, many cultures make up the uniqueness of Texas. I was amazed at the diversity, thinking there were only six countries that settled here. But that's because there were six flags that flew over our Republic. Silly me! After reviewing most of the exhibits, we were treated to an interesting multi-media presentation, bragging about every aspect of Texas life.

After leaving the museum, we walked a few hundred feet over to the Tower of the Americas. We have been there a few times, however many changes have occurred since our last visit. There is a new and very classy restaurant at the top, and a really nice gift shop on the ground level. Graham enjoyed showing Kate all the landmarks from high up in the sky. It was interesting looking at familiar place from a bird's eye view, and surprisingly we identified many of them.

This concluded Kate's San Antonio tour. Tomorrow we need to go back to the Market for another purchase. Then on Sunday I'll turn her over to Meredith to take her to church with them and to their community group event. She has been such a good sport to relay between the Baptists and the Presbyterians this week. We may have a few differences, but one thing we can agree upon: we are one in Christ and are free to love each other as Christ loves us. It's been a very good week. Enjoy the slide show!

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Lois said...

Sounds like everyone has had a huge dose of Texan Culture! Glad it was a wonderful week. Hugs to each. Lois