Thursday, April 8, 2010


My brother, Bill, is three and a half years older than me. Even at the age of 64 he still refers to me as his "baby sister." In spite of the closeness of our ages, he was ahead of me in the marriage and baby department. In fact, he had six grandchildren before I ever had my first grandson!

Because of that disparity, our subsequent generations look more like stair steps than peers. For instance, his daughter is nine years older than my daughter. And she got into the marriage and baby stage way before mine did. Her youngest child is ten years older than Meredith's oldest!

Lest you are beginning to get bored, let me explain that all that family trivia explains why our families, until now, have not really gotten to know each other... unless you factor in the physical distance between Texas and Florida, or between Texas and Pennsylvania! Reunions just didn't happen until a few years ago. Just before moving back to Pennsylvania, the Kelly family took a road trip to all the home towns of pertinent Wallace relatives... and a relationship was begun!

I hope a tradition has begun as well. You see, last fall, oldest daughter Kate found herself needing refuge while waiting to return back home after a brief visit with her grandmother. We opened our home and our hearts to Bill's lovely granddaughter and sent her home with lots of memories, pictures and a bag full of Mexican souvenirs! So this spring, middle daughter Bekah followed suit and spent her spring break with us, exploring San Antonio and the Hill Country, and going home with lots of memories, pictures and a bag full of Mexican souvenirs! Now we just wait for the tradition to continue, as there are two more Kellys to graduate from high school!

Here are highlights from Bekah's visit, in an album I will just call "Cousins."

Graham and LaRue enjoying a terrific break with Bekah.

Adrian colors while Bekah decides on her last Mexican meal.

Adrian loves his cousin, Bekah!

Getting ready to stroll through the Pearl Farmer's Market. Note that snazzy cowboy hat!

Tickle, tickle!

Adrian shows Bekah Andrew's new toy.

Andrew gives Bekah his smile of approval!

Good job, Adrian!

Strolling on a new and pretty extension of the River Walk.

Happy, full tummies following tacos at La Margarita!

Bekah and her hands full of Moza boys!

Here we have great Auntie Dear, second cousins Meredith and Bekah, and third cousins to Bekah, Adrian and Andrew -
My daughter, grand-niece, and grandsons...
Bill's niece, granddaughter and grand nephews!
Stair steps, I tell you!

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