Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the Winner Is....

My precious niece, Barbaranne!
There were many reasons that I chose to make this quilt for Barbaranne. So, in no particular order, here are the ones I remember.
Her last name is Kelly, which is Irish, which is the "nationality" of the Double Irish Chain quilt.
She endured fifty to sixty inches of snow last winter and some of the coldest temps on record. And I remember how cold I was when we went to Philly. Brrr! So she definitely needs a warm quilt for next year.
She was the only person who volunteered some assistance in picking the fabric and color scheme. As I recall, she said, "My favorite color is red!"
She's my favorite niece on my Mother's side and mother to my all time favorite grand-nieces, also on my Mother's side. And I can envision each of them curling up in that quilt, by the fire, with Milo (the gold kitty) cuddled underneath.
And she's the first-born child of my brother, which makes her very special indeed.
She called when the postman brought her mail, and by her exuberance, I think she'll make the perfect home for that Double Irish Chain!
So, "Cead mile failte", little quilt, to the Kelly household!

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