Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's August, and I'm Just Thinking

It's so hot, thinking is about the only thing that doesn't take much effort!

I think alot about how cool it was in Canada! We would get outside after breakfast and the temperature hovered around 38 degrees. It was so nice to have to bundle up in my coat. I love going back through our pictures and looking at the snow-capped mountains, the enormously tall trees, the roaring waterfalls, all the different species of wildlife... We chalked up some wonderful memories from the great Northwest.

Another thing I think about is getting back with my ladies and our Bible study. We take a much needed break in the summer. After about three weeks I realize how much I miss getting together weekly to share insights from our study with each other. We'll gather in just three weeks for a Beth Moore conference here in San Antonio. Then we'll get out our calendars and see when everyone will be ready to start our next study. We'll be doing the Psalms of Ascent in a study called "Stepping Up". I can't wait.

I think about some pretty big events happening in August too. And all of them are coming in the same week! Meredith and Cristian will be moving into a new (to them) house some time around the 15th of the month. They found a 90 year old home in a historical area and just fell in love with it. And of course, the 14th of August is Adrian's first birthday. We will host a small gathering for his party here at my house with select friends and family to celebrate this momentous occasion. Some time in this general period we will be getting our new Prius automobile. We've been doing well with only one car for the last month, so Graham will actively pursue a buyer for the Maxima and we'll see how long we can stay happy with one car. It will be like an increase in our retirement check with only one car to gas up (infrequently) and insure!

Well, that's enough thinking for now. I'm reminded, though, to pray for some of my friends who are having health crises. The older I get, the more frequent these requests become.

Back to the "dog days" of August.

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