Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinner Time -- Fun Time!

For the past two or three weeks, as Meredith and Cristian keep their house ready for showing, they have been coming to our house for dinner. And as Meredith is decidedly the superior cook, we have a great arrangement: I buy the food, she cooks it, and I clean up after dinner! I love it! And there is a bonus that comes with this arrangement: while Meredith is busy cooking, I get to feed Adrian. And boy, do we have fun!

There is very little that can distract Adrian from his supper. He is such a good eater. He has two beautiful teeth right in front, but we're not quite ready to tempt him with finger food. So sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, all fruits, even avocado are at his disposal.
When she had the time Meredith used to cook organic veggies for him, but not being as resourceful as she, I am satisfied to just keep my cupboard stocked with organic Gerber! Look at that expectant face! He'll take either one.
"Bring it on, Ludee!"

"Yay! I'm building strong muscles and bones!"

I think our grandparents had a good thing going - back in the day when generations lived all together in one big house. I remember my grandmother telling us stories of Aunt Sadie and Grandma Foster, both of whom lived in the big house and helped the younger generation grow up. Ah... the good old days.

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