Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grace Conference Review

We returned from the Quentin Road Grace Conference yesterday, refreshed, renewed and recharged! I have been on both sides of many conferences over the years and I believe I enjoyed this one as much or more than any previous ones. For one thing, we didn't lift a finger for ourselves from the moment we arrived at the airport until we were dropped off at the American gate on Saturday! Every meal was provided, every ride was taken care of. The day's events just flowed easily from early morning to late evening. The church did everything!

Over the course of two days we were able to hear five plenary sessions, four workshop sessions, enjoy three homecooked meals and a gourmet banquet, and a first class gospel concert. And though I got a little sleepy Friday afternoon, I never got really tired. This should be a model for conferences everywhere!

Here are a few pictures I took. I made a note to myself that I MUST buy a better camera before my next big event! I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Bill, where were you with your camera!!! Here goes...

This was definitely a "whole church" event, as they rolled out the red carpet in every way possible.

Dr. Robert Lightner was our first plenary speaker. Dr. Lightner was Graham's mentor throughout his years of study at DTS. His topic for this session was "Identification with the Infinite" from Ephesians 1:1-14. His three points (I'm a pretty good note-taker!) were 1) we have been released from the control of the sin nature; 2) we have been identified with Christ's redemptive work; and 3) we have been united with God for service to Him. It was a very good sermon from a very sweet gentleman.

I'm embarrassed to include this photo, but it was the best of four that I tried to take in this cavernous auditorium. This session was a panel discussion with all four speakers. From left to right they are Dr. Ron Seecharan, Dr. Robert Lightner, Dr. Charles Ryrie, and Dr. Larry Moyer. Panel discussion is not my favorite venue, and this one did not disappoint!

At the end of Dr. Lightner's workshop Graham presented him with a copy of his Daniel curriculum. He promised to read through it soon and give Graham some input.

After dinner Thursday evening we walked some of the grounds of the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church. It's a sprawling complex with several buildings that house a preschool, a K-12 Christian school, Dayspring Bible College and Seminary, and the new Daypring Institute of Culinary Arts! The preschool has an enrollment of 1600 children! Talk about outreach!
Dr. James Scudder (pastor of Quentin Road church) was the evening speaker. His topic was "If Salvation was Expensive it Would be Easier to Sell". His was pretty much a critique of John MacArthur's book, "Hard to Believe," MacArthur's answer to proponents of salvation by grace through faith.

Friday morning's speaker was Dr. Ron Seecharan who spoke on the question of "What About the Heathen?" He gave some compelling arguments that God has given general revelation to the world. He offered the principle of God-consciousness and explained negative and positive volition - those who truly seek God will be found by God. Ultimately man has a free will and can accept or reject God.

Our final speaker of the conference was Dr. Charles Ryrie. Ever seen a Ryrie Study Bible? Dr. Ryrie was the first of many scholars to come out with a study Bible. I have heard him speak at a GES conference and his methodology is to speak "off the cuff", which probably means picking something from the extensive storehouse in his brain! He chose Matt. 17:24-27 about the coin in the mouth of the fish to say that the Lord owns everything, controls everything and serves everyone! How delightful!

Here is a picture from the Gourmet Banquet Friday night. All the food was prepared by students from the Institute of Culinary Arts. We were very impressed!
The evening was capped off by a Concert by Greater Vision, a marvelous trio singing great gospel music! We're ready to sign up for next year!

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ExPreacherMan said...

Good morning -- not sure whether to call you Avalarue or Ludee..

Found your blog while looking on the Internet for my friend Ron Seecharan.

I graduated Florida Bible College in the winter of 1971 (class of 1972) with many folks you must know.

Also graduating at the same time were my good friends James Scudder and Ron Seecharan.

Other speakers at the Grace Conference who are personal friends are Dr. Tom Cucuzza (formerly my Assistant Pastor), and Dr. Yankee Arnold, who worked for me in my business while we both attended FBC.

I sold my business after graduating FBC and started Palmetto Bible Church in Perrine, FL. We had many FBC students working with our church.

I am a retired, pushing 80 year old but I continue witnessing by using my Blog and Gospel web site to share my Savior Jesus Christ and warn of coming anti-Christian events and compromising folks in our blessed America.

We probably have several mutual friends.

In Christ eternally and happily,

(Jack Weaver)
Jack **at**