Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a Day!

Today is Adrian's first birthday. Having an August birthday, Meredith chose a "beach" theme for his cake. I baked a plain old white cake in a 9x13 pan and she fashioned an ocean with a sandy beach and beach umbrellas. Did you know that a graham cracker pie crust makes great beach sand? Yum!
Meredith invited three of her close friends with young children to come and share lunch and some fun with new beach toys. "Auntie" Jo and "Mimi and Da" were there to enjoy the festivities and visit with Ludee and Grandpa.
Adrian was given just a little "taste" of his cake. I think this is the first bit of sugar he's ever had. He was a little cautious at first, then broke out with a big grin as the flavors soaked in! It looks like he had some of the "ocean" on his fingers!
About the time his guests were departing, this little boy was ready for a nap! So much excitement for one day.
Look who else was ready for a nap! Treasure was absolutely wonderful with all the children, but especially with John Daniel, a 2 year old who discovered "doggie" for the first time. She let him pet her over and over and even walked right in the midst of the other toddlers. But she did just have a birthday herself and is reminded that she is after all eleven years young! What a trooper.
After we cleaned up Meredith and Cristi went to their appointment to close on their new house. They will be moving in this weekend. As I said, "What a day!"

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