Thursday, August 14, 2008

Driving Green

We did it! After much discussion and putting our name on a waiting list, we bought a Prius!
I have a dear friend who has been driving a Prius for several years and she got me thinking about looking into buying one. Then, as the price of gas got higher and higher, Graham joined me in thinking more about a Prius. When we went to Seattle in May to start our Canada tour, we rode in a Prius taxicab to our hotel and realized how nice and roomy the car is, in addition to the fantastic mileage it gets. Finally, we started looking at Toyota dealers to see if we could test-drive one and, of course, there were none to be had in all of San Antonio. So we did the next best thing, we rented a Prius for a weekend and discovered how much we like the car. That's when we put our name on a waiting list.
About six weeks later, and after selling both cars, we got the call to come and pick up our new car. That was yesterday! It came with a full tank of gas, so now I can't wait to see how long it will be until I have to fill it up again! O Happy Day!

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