Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why "Old People" Don't Move or Have Children!

For the past week, Meredith and Cristian have been moving from their home of less than five years to a new home. I mention "less than five years" because one wouldn't think a family of three could accumulate so much in less than five years! And to think that I have lived in the same house for 35 years. No, don't let me even think about my accumulation.

I come from a family that puts down roots and leaves them there forever. My grandparents lived in their home for probably fifty or more years. My parents had only two homes in the fifty years they lived in Wichita Falls. I have memories of trying to sort out possessions of each after they had all passed. What a chore!

But back to the current move. Meredith and Cristian not only have an accumulation of things, they have a one-year-old! I'm thinking that all the scholars in the universities could not come up with an ideal time to make a move. But I'm guessing they would suggest that this would be one of the more difficult times.

Enter grandparents! In the wisdom of God, grandparents come along at the right time and with the right temperament to help with those moves! Picture this: Meredith is packing boxes while Ludee plays with Adrian. Cristian is hauling boxes while Granpa is napping with Adrian. Meredith is meeting with the title company while Ludee is lunching with Adrian. I figure we got the sweet end of the deal!

So here's the insight: "Old People" have too much stuff to even consider moving. And besides, the grandchildren can find more old stuff to play with at Grandma's house. Grandpa is much more fun to nap with, Grandma has lots of fun stuff to eat, and when the going gets tough, we can always call Mom and Dad to come get their kid! It's a sweet deal!

Here's the one picture I managed to take during the week and it speaks volumes!


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Absolutely precious! I love this picture!