Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leaving in the Morning

We leave on the early flight to Dallas tomorrow morning where we'll meet up with Bill and fly together to Boston for the first night of our tour. God willing, we will go through Maine, up into New Brunswick, Canada, and over to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia before returning home. This trip has been six months in the planning and even accommodated a schedule change. So it's certainly not intentional that we might be heading into a hurricane!

I am of the opinion that, since Katrina, the news media and even the weather outlets all exaggerate the intensity of these storms. Generally they turn out to be a lot less destructive than predicted. But I believe that is because everybody missed the seriousness of Katrina so thoroughly. That said, I'm confident that we'll be safe and even experience some nice weather. We are so hoping for any temperatures lower than 80 degrees!

In my research on the hotels we will be in, it appears that every one has internet service in the rooms. So I will be able to post pictures and comments here on the blog and also on Facebook. I hope you'll enjoy following us around the Canadian Maritimes.

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