Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Working Through Our Pictures

I'm just starting the process of editing our photos from the trip. These are from our lovely hotel in Seattle the afternoon we arrived. No rain!! And the flowers are in bloom all around the hotel.

These were taken right at the entrance. We had a couple of hours to look around Seattle before our introductory meeting with our Tour Director, Russell, and the other 35 members of our group. The hotel is just five blocks from the water, so we walked down to get our bearings. The difficulty was in climbing back up the steep streets back to the hotel. (We found out at the end of the tour that there is a much easier way back just three blocks over!)

Next morning we set out on our eastern trek across Washington state.
This is the area where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed. Russell said the house that Tom Hanks' character lived in is for sale - got a million dollars???
More to follow....

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