Sunday, June 15, 2008

Next Stop, Kalispell, Montana

Sorting out photos for the blog and my other projects is so hard. Graham took over 850 pictures, I did the same, and Bill hasn't sent me his thousand or so yet, so I have spent a full week just uploading my pictures and then filling in the spaces with Graham's. So I'm having a difficult time choosing just a sampling of photos to post here. Bear with me, as it will seem that I'm skipping over a lot of places (which I am, but for your sake!).

As we left Spokane, we also left the state of Washington. Our next stop was just outside of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, at Cataldo State Park. This mission church is the oldest building in the state. It was built between 1848 and 1853 of straw, mud and saplings. It has been restored inside to its original appearance and many of the items inside are original.

Russell had the bus turn into this tiny little town that was of great interest to us, as the name of it is Wallace, Idaho. Bill got some teasing on the bus because one of the buildings is the Oasis Bordello Museum! I'm sure it had something to do with the Gold Rush!!!

We kept telling Russell we wanted to see snow, so he made a quick stop at Lookout Pass Ski area. We were here the end of May and the season had ended just a week before. There was still plenty of snow on the slopes, though it probably wasn't cold enough to be safe. Graham sure enjoyed throwing a snowball!

After lunch we enjoyed an hour at the National Bison Reserve in Montana. They have an interesting visitor's center with lots of historical information about the Bison (or buffalo). As we were leaving we came across this trio with a newborn calf.

Next morning we spent half a day in Glacier National Park. I'll have to divide my post with those pictures as there is just too much to share. I'll try to make a slide show or two, especially if I combine Graham's pics with mine. Our first stop was at McDonald Lake which is where the Going to the Sun highway begins. Here are the first of our pics from the Lake area.

Bill and I were exploring a little before getting on the Sun Peaks tour bus.

The moment we arrived at Lake McDonald the waters were perfectly still and looked like glass. But by the time we had all piled out of the bus there were ripples in the water and the mirror effect was lost. Still, the pictures we stook (and there were many) of this view of the lake are magnificent. Don't you agree?

Here we have stopped at the north side of the lake. We are still traveling on the Going to the Sun highway, which has a rich history in and of itself. That's another post altogether. This view was another "to die for" photo opportunity and we got lots of them!
I'll close this post for now. There is so much more, and I'll try to put a lot of it in a slide show to conserve space. Do enjoy the scenery and maybe appreciate how much we were loving our trip.

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