Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello from Jasper

Well, Bill and I are taking the afternoon off to catch up on some email and stuff. So I thought it would be fun to blog just a bit and tell you where we've been (if I can remember it all!) We are half way through our tour and it seems we've been on a bus forever!

First, we started our trip from Seattle last Sunday. It's been five years since I've been in Seattle and the streets are just as steep now as then! We huffed and puffed back up the hill - wait, Graham and I huffed and puffed trying to keep up with Bill.

The next morning we piled on our coach with 35 others and our Tour Director and set out for Spokane. On the way we stopped at the Grand Coulie Dam. Spokane is a beautiful city, and the river behind our hotel was very high and swift. We enjoyed a wonderful champagne reception and meal with the other guests on our tour.

Next morning we set out across the panhandle of Idaho and into Montana. We went to the Lonesome Dove Ranch for a barbeque and Montana "experience" with a storyteller and his wife who sang, fiddled and told tales about Montana.

Then on up into Canada, into Banff National Park and the city of Banff. There is still snow on the mountains and in some areas yet on the ground. Glacier National Park was wonderful. Our Tour Director said this group has had more wildlife sightings than usual and we have gotten lots of fabulous pictures. I'm unable to upload them from here, so you'll have to wait another week and then I'll overwhelm you!

Today we're in Jasper - a great climax of the trip was our rafting trip this morning on the Athabasca River. The rapids were just enough to thrill our bunch of "frisky geezers" - the new AARP term for senior travelers! So tomorrow starts the second half of our trip as we turn west toward Vancouver. We have crossed the Continental Divide twice as we've traveled through the Canadian Rockies. Can't wait to see what unfolds.

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Barbaranne said...

I CAN'T WAIT! You guys are the best- hearing and seeing all about it will be worth the wait! My Daddy's in better shape than me too- I'd have been huffing and puffing right with you and Uncle Graham...