Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Night

Ahhhh, Thursday night. Cristian goes to school on Thursday night, so he comes here for supper on his way to UTSA. Now Meredith and Adrian come too, so they can visit with him before class. This is our night to be goofy grandparents and enjoy our grandson.
I have to say that he is more enjoyable every day as he grows and gets more in tune with his new world. Meredith and I sat down with her baby book the other night - just to compare notes and see who was superior! I was surprised, one, with how much Adrian looks like her baby pictures, and two, how much I had forgotten of her first months. We're happy to report that Adrian and Meredith are on the very same scale of perfection!
Enjoy this slide show of my favorite - Thursday Night!

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Lifestyle Nutrition SA said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening!
The love and contentment of your family's generations shine through.
Adrian is handsome and just as beautiful as Meredith!
Love to each,
Lois for the two of us