Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hill Country Visit

Graham and I drove up to Marble Falls Sunday afternoon to look around the town and the surrounding area. Sunday was beautiful - warm, sunny, not much traffic. We had a great dinner at the River Side Grille. Best catfish I've had in a long time and a blackberry cobler to die for!

So Monday morning we anticipated having a good look around town, walk through the historic district, look at some neighborhoods, and instead were greeted with 45 degree windy rain! We were so disappointed. We managed to drive around a bit, even drove over to Kingsland where my Dad lived while he was building his house in Deer Haven. We tried walking in the historic district and decided it would be better to just go home.

Here are the only pics we managed to get, at a "scenic point" just outside Kingsland.

Today Treasure got her hair cut - probably will last her through the winter. It's not her favorite activity, but she is so-o-o cooperative that all the cutters at Petsmart want to do her hair! They do a really nice job too. The only request I have ever made of a groomer is that they leave the hair on her back a little long. You can't imagine how often I go to get her after a haircut, only to find she looks like a Schnauzer! Now I have nothing against Schnauzers - they are precious dogs. But I don't want my Westie looking like one!

So here is my Treasure with a perfect haircut!

That's all for now. Meredith and Adrian will be here for dinner with Cristian. Graham is away at Greek class, so it's "Pizza night!"

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Barbaranne said...

I went for a drive with a friend scouting out neat places to take you when you come up here someday- Amish shops, sweet little pretzel factory, back roads and views. We took pictures and had fun. Preparing for potential company is hard work, but worthwhile!

I'll be posting it soon!