Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honorary Grandparents

We had a wonderful visit tonight from our dear friends, Doug and Lois White. Doug and Lois are in our Sunday school class and on our Board of Directors. They have been good friends since 1995. Now that Doug has recovered from knee surgery, and before they go back to North Carolina, we were so happy to have them come over on a Thursday night to spend some time with Adrian, Meredith and Cristian. They take to grandparenting like a duck takes to water!

Treasure had to make sure she got some of the attention! Next time they promise to bring Jefferson, their precious poodle, over for some playtime. I'll have some pictures from that visit for sure! In the meantime, enjoy the Whites as they enjoy getting to know Adrian.

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Barbaranne said...

Isn't the slide show fun?! You are getting right into this dear Auntie- I'm so tickled with being able to keep up with each other this way!