Friday, October 26, 2007

Godparents and Lisa

Adrian had more visitors today! Lisa Schwenn, a longtime friend of both the Mozas and the Wilsons, came by to bring news of an upcoming garage sale for the Romanian mission team. And guess who she found meeting their special godchild, but Richard and Charlene Webster!

Rich and Charlene have been prayer partners since Meredith first went to Romania as a missionary - way back in 1998-99. They were praying for her safety, her fruitfulness in her mission, and her future as a young Christian woman in a foreign country. So when Meredith and Cristian became engaged it was very natural for them to ask Rich and Char to be Cristian's representatives or godparents at the wedding. Today they met Adrian for the first time and Char lent a hand with his afternoon snack!

It's becoming apparent that little Adrian will have lots of doting "grandparents" as he grows up. I'd say a new folder with "Babysitter" phone numbers is being compiled daily! Looks like Ludee will have some co-conspirators to help with the spoiling!

When it comes to preferences, though, I think the verdict is in - nobody compares to being swaddled and cuddled and fed in Mommy's arms!

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