Friday, February 18, 2011

What to Do... and When to Do It

A few days ago I began to look online at Petfinder at the adoptable Westies in South Texas. I felt that my heart was beginning to heal and open up to another little dog. Right now there are not many Westie girls available, so I wrote an email to my friend, and Treasure's foster mom, to get some advice.

Barbara has been so encouraging, giving me names and contact numbers of several people, including a reputable breeder in Central Texas. I was prepared to give phone calls to some of them when one of my "cyber-friends" on Ebay unexpectedly had to have her beloved dog put down. This Ebay community is made up of dog owner/lovers, many of whom have Westies or other terriers, and we have developed a very close kinship with one another. Most of us have lost a dog, many of them in the last two years.

So when this latest event occurred to a friend, it brought back all the emotion and heartbreak I had experienced with Treasure. Tears flowed again. We have all brought back sweet memories of our "furkids" and have tried to comfort one another as best we could.

Needless to say, this has put my quest on indefinite hold. My heart still longs for another Westie to fill this house with love and frivolity as only a Westie can. But the timing is off track for the moment. I am still grieving for my little companion and that would not be fair to a new dog with special needs, as most rescues are. It's sort of like dating on the rebound - everyone is bound to get hurt.

So I will share some photo memories of Treasure and begin the healing process all over again. And when the time is right, I'll pick up the search where I left off.

Here she is at ages 6-9 and 13 (in the lower right corner.)

Except for the duplicate in the upper right corner, these are ages 10-13, after she was diagnosed with cancer.

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