Friday, July 16, 2010

A New Quilt

Back in May, before we left for France, I got a hankering to make another quilt. All I lacked was a pattern and some inspiration. I looked through a few quilt books, and then we left for France and all thoughts of quilting were left behind.

Once we got home, and I finished the cross stitch birth announcement for Andrew, my hankering came back and sent me off to the fabric store for some ideas. While there I saw the most beautiful quilt hanging in an area with the packet of instructions for a patriotic quilt that didn't look at all like the one I admired. I discovered, after talking to a saleswoman, that it was indeed the patriotic pattern, only done with a selection of multi-colored fabrics.
Thinking that I would be making this quilt for Graham, I picked out a pre-cut package of fabric strips in vibrant colors of blues, reds, greens, browns and tans. After a few more trips for accent features, I finally got started on the quilt on Monday. Here is my progress.

With about 35 different fabrics in the six colors I'm using, I wound up with several different strips of three. Each panel gets cut into 12 1/2 inch pieces. The accent pieces utilize a deep wine red with yellow and blue tones. They are then cut into triangles.

The next step is to sew the triangles onto the end of each strip. Once that is done, I'll make 12 inch blocks. Then I just have to decide how long to make the quilt. Stay tuned for updates.

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Ruthie said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! You are amazing! Such energy!!!! I look forward to seeing updates.

Are you still liking your sewing machine?