Friday, November 6, 2009

More Cuteness

Adrian was full of cuteness this morning. He watches Sesame Street every day and one of the programs was all about wearing hats. So Adrian was showing us how he puts on this hat and then just as quickly tears it off his head and slings it to the floor!

He was having a ball and had his Grandpa, especially, in stitches over his antics.

Look closely and you'll see he has just enjoyed a blueberry muffin. When he says "muffin" it sounds like he's saying "Murphy", so we told Graham he was saying "uh-hah muffin!"
(Uh-hah is his word for uncle.)

Oh, my goodness. How much cuteness can you take? I was snapping pictures so fast my camera finally said "busy" and told me to slow down! It was very hard to pick just three of the more than forty that I took. What fun!

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