Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phoster Photos

No, that's not a typo, just me having a little fun with this post. I'm needing an excuse to post some photos of Savannah for her Houston foster mom who checks here regularly for a look at this special Westie. So here goes....

Months ago Savannah discovered a lizard on this crepe myrtle tree, so every day she goes back there to see if it's still there. (It's not.)

Lately there have been scores of baby lizards running around in the bushes. Savannah destroyed my herb garden last month over a baby lizard. Now she is focused on the jasmine behind the pool. This has become her favorite spot.

The patience of this little dog is legendary. She will sit like this for.ev.er! As far as I know she hasn't actually caught a baby lizard! But the fun is definitely in the chase.

A little "tap, tap" on the window will disturb her attention just long enough to catch a photo - if I'm fast! Because she spends so much time in the bushes, and since we have had five inches of rain in the last week, this wee white dog was starting to smell like mildew today. So we have had a bath this afternoon and she is sleeping that off.
So here's your update, Paula. Our girl is happily settled in after a year and a half. Thank you for the privilege of adopting her.


Anonymous said...

OK, put me down for a copy of your book that your are writing about all the "daily activities" of your sweet precious doggies!!! What a exact description about Miss Savannah, as we live with our terrier and get to know the breed...your descriptions ARE PERFECT!!! When I read your posts, I shake my head in agreement, laugh and then go and hug Teddy, if he is not on a mission!!! Thank you for sharing your writing talent and for been "faster that a speeding bullet" and taking those perfect pictures. Have a good rest of the week. Miss you!

Joshua said...

I enjoyed the fun (or should I say "phun"?) you had with titling this post. It tickled me pink!