Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Birthday Party

Today is Adrian's Fifth Birthday!

Trends come and go so quickly these days. Nickelodeon and PBS Kids make sure that little people have plenty to do with their imaginations. At the moment, the Moza kids are into Team Umizoomi! At any given time you might hear the sounds of Bot, Geo and Milli buzzing around the house. So, for Adrian's party he had six of his church friends and neighbors over for playtime and a snack for lunch. His Mommy put together all kinds of Umizoomi crafts for the kids. I would say they all had an Umizoomi good time!

This evening Adrian will share his special day with extended family for supper. I'll post more pictures with Uncle Furfy, Mimi & Da, Auntie Jo, and Ludee & Papa.

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parkavenueshops.com said...

Love this little guy. What a day for him!
We are bringing STARS for a star to his dinner celebration. Look forward to seeing all the party pictures.
Happy Birthday, Adrian. We love to celebrate with YOU! Mimi and DA