Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Blast of Winter

Our forecast on the news last night was for "below freezing" temps so we diligently covered the lemon tree and brought in the cactus bush. All the pipes have been wrapped and the pool pump was turned on for the night. So it was no surprise this morning to find ice in the bird bath! Poor birdies! I think the official temperature was 27 degrees, but as of 10:00 this morning it is already above freezing.

One member of our family was not too happy about the cold! Savannah, who usually shoots out the door like a rock in a slingshot, actually waited for me to put her warm fleece jacket on before venturing outside. She checked the squirrel feeder before "taking care of business" and heading right back inside. I hear about Westies who love rolling in the snow and getting "snow cone noses" and I wonder what would happen if Savannah ever stepped out into some snow!

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