Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little Swimmer

We are making the most of our two days between the Moza's returning home from Romania and our leaving for Canada on Sunday. Here is Adrian taking his first swim with his Mommy and Daddy. Looks like he's going to be a natural!

I took several pictures and gave them to Meredith, so check her blog in the next day or two to see some more! Even have a cute video that I'll try to upload. Meanwhile, we're packed and almost ready to leave in the morning. Hopefully I'll have lots of beautiful pictures to share upon our return.

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Barbaranne said...

Well, Auntie dear, nice new format on the blog! I'm sure looking forward to your version and photos of the trip! Thanks for teaching my Dad a new trick- I never know who's been to my blog if they don't comment!

By the way,... I never associated you with Janis Joplin... What else should we know?