Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bound for Romania

They're off! Somehow Meredith managed to pack everything she needed and then load all the bags into the car. I'm sorry, fellas, but this is one job that only a Mom can handle!

Bear in mind that there is also a stroller and a very large diaper bag in the back seat of this car! The next hurdle was at the airport. I snapped this shot after they put everything on the curb.

What I failed to capture on my camera was Cristi loading one pack onto his back! I pulled away before seeing how they would manage to move all those bags! Thankfully, all will be checked through to Timisoara except for the stroller and diaper bag! How do these young parents travel like this? I give them bushels of credit and promises of lots of prayers.

How can I be so upbeat as I watch my precious family leave? It's easy when I think of the absolute joy that awaits them in Romania. Adrian has an aunt, two grandparents and a great-grandma who have not had the luxury I enjoy of holding this baby every day. God is abundantly gracious to allow them to make this trip. And I know He will keep them safe throughout their journey.

I'll share any news I get from them, which may be sporadic, depending on their internet availability. Would you remember them in your prayers for the next two weeks?

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