Thursday, March 13, 2008

More from the GES Meeting

My friend, Jo, who was with us at the conference and took more pictures than I did, graciously let me download her photos for the blog. So here's a more indepth pictorial of the events.

I mentioned that we left a very critical case at home, containing Graham's Bible, his manuscript that he would be speaking from, several books and our sample workbooks. Because we now have a laptop and I had placed the manuscript and powerpoint presentation on a flash drive, we were able to utilize the printer in the business center and print out another copy for him.

Graham's workshop was scheduled for the first afternoon of the conference. He had a nice size attendance, which included George and Viva, Jo, and a dear member of our Sunday school class, Charles and his friend. Doesn't Graham look "professorial"?

Here we are with George and Viva, heading out for another session. (Jo is behind the camera!)

Here are some more photos of the beautiful Riley Conference Center. I'm happy to report that GES has secured this facility for next year's conference at the end of March. If you want more information about the conference or GES, please check their website at There will probably be more pictures from the conference. And thanks, Jo, for taking these photos and letting me use them.

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