Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ludee's Cutie

Adrian is six and a half months old now and he's discovered that Ludee's house has lots of fun things! Besides giving me a huge and irresistible smile when he sees me, he is now interested in playing with the toys and spending time in his walker.

He has learned how to grasp things with his hand and he can really get the little horsey toy spinning! Meredith bought one of those mesh teethers that she puts an apple slice into and Adrian loves to mush the apple into juice while soothing his gums. That is the greatest thing - I wish I had had one when she was little.

I pulled down from the attic the old wooden high chair and Meredith put her padded cover thing (I cannot for the life of me think of what it's called) over the high chair and he fit in it perfectly. Okay, it's that thing you put in the grocery cart to sit the baby in. I'm drawing a blank! Anyway, it works great in the high chair and he loves it!

As you can see, Treasure is keeping up with his progress too! Well, mostly keeping out of the way of his progress!

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